Structured cabling

In Itco we offer the services of design, construction, maintenance, repair and installation of networks, whether structured or wireless.Project planning

  • RED structure diagrams
  • Remodeling
  • Dismantling and relocation of Networks
cable fibra optica

Optical fiber

The optical fiber makes it possible to surf the Internet at a speed of 2 million bps (bits per second)


We install fiber optic networks maintenance


We have a robust, completely symmetrical connection which allows you to navigate smoothly and with greater efficiency in sending high volume files


We offer you the highest quality, guaranteed, with incredible coverage through our own next-generation fiber optic network.


We connect our clients through the main international ISPs of Tier-1 category

Brands we work

fondo 6


We develop complex projects based on the structural structural plans we create a scheme of location points and coverage of the network and the WIFI network and with this data we develop a budget with the necessary materials and equipment.

Success stories of our clients

CCTV networks

The IP camera security systems provide surveillance videos, which will give you peace of mind, that your home or company is being monitored at all times.


Access controls

Installation and sale of equipment for access control we have everything necessary for installation and maintenance

TV closed circuit

It offers the possibility to observe from anywhere in the world, what happens in your home or company with just one click

Equipment sales and maintenance

We support and help our clients throughout the process, from the choice of the product to the completion of the project

Installation and restructuring

It has all the equipment for CCTV, the best resolution of security cameras, the best in IP technology, digital cameras, domes, infrared, wireless.

Brands we work

Telefono IP

IP telephony

We have telephone exchanges, IP phones, and everything you need in voice over ip equipment to design a solution and give advice to your company. This way you can make low-cost calls with your voice over ip internet connection, and even make international calls, as well as between agencies and branches at no cost.

Telephonic central

We have extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of telephone exchanges, we work multiple brands

IP Phones

Keep your internal agenda updated, make video conferences work directly with your customers at a low cost

International calls

One of the great advantages of having a VOS IP telephone exchange is that you can make international calls at low cost

Connections between branches

We configure the PBX of the parent company as the VPN server and interconnect networks via trunk

Brands we work

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