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Nos destacamos por la excelencia, eficiencia e impecabilidad en el desarrollo de proyectos tecnológicos. En todo el quehacer ponemos especial énfasis en generar una alta valoración de nuestros servicios, centrándonos en un estilo focalizado en las personas, lo que nos aporta calidad y diferencia en mercado y nos sitúa en una posición de liderazgo en la industria.

Infesa in a company that sells second-hand or repaired tools, has multiple branches in the national territory. Itco provides technical support and sale of equipment to the company.

Website: www.infesa.com
The Italian Bevanda, are a company of coffee roasters most important in the world has coffee shops internationally under different franchises. Itco carried out the implementation of Azure and office 365.

Telephone: (506) 4000-2233
Hummer waches is a line of luxury watches from the Hummer brand, Itco designed the current site of the company and collaborates managed part of the market area as well as its social networks and develops campaigns in Adwords and Analytics.

Website: www.hmrwatches.com
The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) is a state-owned company that provides electricity and telecommunications services in Costa Rica. Itco provides support services in infrastructure and equipment sales.

Website: www.grupoice.com

Grucofi is a company that provides accounting, tax consulting and administration services according to the different needs of each area and specific client, Itco performs maintenance work selling equipment and technical support as well as office 365.

Huawei is a high-tech company specializing in research and development, electronic production and marketing of communications equipment. Itco supports infrastructure and maintenance of servers and equipment.

Website: www.consumer.huawei.com
Fundación Ciudadelas de Libertad, is a non-profit association that helps low-income people with financial support and training. Itco provides the service of technical support and servers.

Telephone: (506) 2250-1540
Doris Peter is a consulting firm in the area of human resources with 20 years in the market offering solutions in human capital management. Itco collaborated with the implementation of office 365.

Telephone: (506) 2289-3444
Europe Fashion Group. It is a company that sells fashion clothing. Itco is a provider of technological equipment such as surveillance cameras and computer equipment.

Phone: (506) 2519-9776
EuroTrends sells and distributes fashion accessories and clothing under the Mango franchise. Itco provides you with technology equipment and technical support.

Website: www.shop.mango.com/cr
Electrolido is a company that sells household appliances and household items. Itco offers the leasing service with Lenovo equipment.

Telephone: (506) 2278-2778
Euromobilia is a furniture manufacturing company committed to the design of ideas, products and integral solutions according to customer needs. Itco provides support services in infrastructure and equipment sales.

Telephone: (506) 2519-3100
Gastronomic Developments, Johnny Rockets, is a casual hamburger chain of American origin. Itco provides you with technology equipment.

Telephone: (506) 4001-5404
FSA Engineering and Architecture. It is a company specialized in providing consulting services in engineering, architecture, structural, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. Itco carried out the Azure implementation and the licensing of the company.

Telephone: 2291-8644
Core Desarrolladora is part of the Euromobilia business group, construction company Rosenstock, with more than 40 years in the field of construction, office design and real estate development. Itco sells you several computers such as PCs and laptops.

Website: https://www.core.cr

Corporacion Strena distribuye de ropa de moda a distintas tiendas en todo el país. Itco le proporciona equipos de tecnología.

Sitio web: www.strena.co.cr

Coopesana, composed of a group of professionals and technicians in health sciences. that have the active participation of community members, nonprofit. Itco develops infrastructure works in networks and servers for the cooperative.

Phone: (506) 2282-5242
Copper Group, It is an international company with offices throughout America, focused on metals and hardware products, Itco collaborates with different projects both in Infrastructure and web development.

Telephone: (506) 2215 1814
Condovac is a family vacation club that offers entertainment packages located in beautiful Guanacaste beach. Itco performed the Azure implementation for data backup.

Telephone: (506) 4001-1100
Control and Power, specialized in design, assembly and maintenance of electromechanical systems and telecommunications, Itco collaborates for the development of applications, infrastructure, telephony monitoring systems and technical support additionally developing the company’s website and a tool control system.

Telephone: (506) 2440-2863
Coasin is dedicated to the development of telecommunications solutions aimed at both the operators and carriers market. Itco carried out the Azure implementation and the licensing of the company.

Phone: (506) 2235-8640
It provides a courier and parcel service aimed at individuals and businesses, fast, economical and safe. Itco offers the leasing service with HP equipment.

Telephone: (506) 2258-5252
Bticino offers new product lines, responding with this to the strategy of strengthening and updating its offer of solutions in the control of lighting, videocontrol, security for the residential, commercial and industrial sector, Itco provides support services in infrastructure and sales of Equipements.

Website: www.bticino.co.cr
Pharmaceutical company located in Costa Rica. Develops, produces and markets generic and brand-name drugs, nutritional supplements, OTC products and cosmetics. Itco performs preventive and corrective support for servers and equipment.

Phone: (506) 2290-4360

Brenes y Salas is a company that builds housing projects, according to the needs and preferences of the market, Itco offers the services of Azure servers in the cloud.

Bruna ABC Distribuciones is dedicated to the distribution of industrial products such as chemicals and packaging, Itco provides licensing services and technical support for Office 365 and CRM application development

Telephone: (506) 2257-0317
Asoamazon is an Amazon employee cooperative in Costa Rica focused on the well-being of its employees with savings plans among others, Itco provides licensing service and infrastructure support.

Website: www.asoamazon.com
Avon is an American company of cosmetics, perfumes, toys, fantasy jewelry and household products, Itco developed multiple projects with the company such as web design, systems development, infrastructure and support.

Website: www.avon.cr
Amadeus is a worldwide travel agency that offers travel services and vacation plans, Itco provides service to the company in the area of technical support and equipment maintenance.

Website www.amadeus.com
Acuatico is a swimming academy for all the public where different activities are taught, itco provides licensing and technical support services.

Phone: (506) 2283-5819
10 ° 84 ° Architects is a company that carries out architectural projects at a commercial and residential level within the country, Itco performs server maintenance tasks at a physical and virtual level.

Phone: (506) 2289-6042
Almotec is a company dedicated to personal care with multiple services and sale of medical equipment, Itco sells computer equipment to the company.

Telephone: (407) 332-1774
The installation of a dedicated server and the installation of networks of the administrative offices of the company are carried out.

La Ribera de Belén, Heredia, Costa Rica

Telephone: (506) 2293-4010
Toptech Systems is a global company dedicated to optimizing data management, Itco performed for the company the implementation of office 365 for 50 users.

Telephone: (407) 332-1774
The company is dedicated to selling clothing catalogs, for this company graphic and web design work was carried out.

Phone: 4000-1276
PK Metal Works Ltd. offers a complete metal processing service also forms pipe components such as double plates, eccentric reducers and concentric reducers. Itco performs preventive and corrective maintenance of the company’s equipment.

Phone: (604) 882-8699
Garnier & Garnier Desarrollos Inmobiliarios is a Costa Rican group with 20 years of experience in the real estate and goods market. Icto has collaborated in multiple works of both infrastructure and development.

Telephone: +506 2205-3600
Vertigo is an electronic music nightclub where different events and entertainment activities are held. Itco performs maintenance and server support, as well as the sale of equipment and technology.

Phone: (506) 2257-8424

Made is dedicated to the Design and execution of solutions for electrical refrigeration, lighting, and communication systems. Itco collaborates with a company in the implementation of network and server infrastructure.

Located in Colombia phone: +57 7 6326582

Euronegocios is the commercial name of Mall San Pedro, Itco carried out preventive and corrective maintenance of several of its servers and the sale of portable equipment.

Intermix is dedicated to the sale of fashion garments, from different designers. Itco performed server installation work and the implementation of office 365.

D&B Hoovers helps sales teams convert promising prospects into profitable relationships. Itco carried out the installation of a telephone exchange.

Phone: (844) 219-2987

Volta is a company oriented to the installation, repair and sale of electromechanical equipment for companies and government with silk in Costa Rica.

Vértice is a leader in the national and international market that provides storage and exhibition solutions. The Itco company carried out a security analysis on the information of the company managed to correct vulnerabilities.

Telephone: (506) 2261-4545
United Business Connect is a network of independent professional accounting firms and business consultants, Itco helped the company with the implementation of Quickbooks.

Website: www.ubcdemo.net

Terranova cuenta con la experiencia, alianzas y el conocimiento para diseñar mejores experiencias de viaje a la medida, Itco implemento.

Teléfono: (+506) 4032-4200

Tefisa is a company specialized in the manufacture of non-woven by chemical bonded using fibers such as viscose, polyester, acrylic, etc. Itco carried out the implementation of Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. Spain: +34 93-770- 6060
Divsa is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for the industry in general, through high quality raw materials, services and supplies. Itco Provides outsourcing services preventive maintenance for visits and sale of technological equipment. Telephone: (506) 2431-1493
SPC offers surveillance and monitoring services, as well as the installation of security systems, Itco has implemented Dynamics 365 CRM and an internal case system of the company additionally developing the company’s websites. Telephone: 4001-5757

Resoco is dedicated to the sale of raw materials and machinery for the industry of Central America and Mexico. Itco implemented Microsoft Azure and Offcice 365 for 35 employees.

Phone: (506) 2210-0606

Niehause is a law firm that offers multiple services in matters such as commercial, banking, tourism, among others. Itco provides outsourcing services as well as preventive maintenance of servers.

Phone: (506) 2224-8282

Municipality of San Mateo. Itco won a tender for the sale and installation of servers and equipment such as laptops for schools.

Ministerio Público, Icto carried out the installation for 4 delegations of the monitoring system, network structure, telephone exchange and server implementation as well as the connection between the different delegations.

My home is dedicated to carrying out projects for the state of social good. Itco periodically performs physical and virtual maintenance of the servers.

Telephone: (506) 2711-3232

Le Chandelier is a gourmet restaurant located in the Yoses. Itco provides preventive support and physical maintenance of servers.

Phone: (506) 2225-3980

KC San José is a comfortable corporate hotel, the hotel is close to downtown, business and shopping centers. Itco installed servers and implement office 365.

Telephone: (506) 2519-4100

Industrias montero is dedicated to the installation of water heaters and metal curtains, Itco has carried out work on server infrastructure and IP camera systems.

Phone: (506) 2250-0241

Iapsa distributes spare parts and accessories for vehicles throughout the country, Itco provides maintenance services for cameras and IP telephony.

Telephone: (506) 2293-9500

Grand Thornton provides multiple business services such as consulting, accounting, finance and big data. Itco implements the electronic invoicing module linked to Quickbook.

Telephone: (506) 2253-9782

Goblal Supply is dedicated to the packaging and packing of all types of industrial cargoes with high safety standards. Itco performed the installation of its post platform in Office 365.

Website: www.globalsupply.com.mx