The Costa Rican conglomerate Garnier & Garnier, representative of brands such as AVON, began in 2017 a process of digital transformation for all the companies of the group. To make their business more efficient and robust, they decided to adopt SAP ERP, in the innovative HANA environment, in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Adopting an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) configuration, they acquired the demanding certifications required by SAP for those who want to work in a HANA environment in the cloud and can now scale on demand thanks to the flexibility of the Azure cloud. Working hand in hand with Microsoft and its ITCO partner, Garnier & Garnier ensured transparent execution of the implementation and now also has world-class support. Compared to an on-premise infrastructure scheme, where they had to acquire and manage servers and physical infrastructure, the company today only pays for what it consumes and its IT staff can dedicate their time to provide quality service to the organization. The new solution and configuration has allowed them to optimize processes, control costs, be more technologically flexible and increase the availability of information throughout the organization.


Strengthen the technological base of the organization to drive the process of digital transformation and make the business more robust and efficient.


Adopt SAP ERP, in a HANA environment, in the Azure cloud under an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) scheme, in the hands of a specialized partner.


Process optimization and cost control was made possible thanks to the flexibility of Microsoft’s cloud. The organization is more flexible at the technological level and has increased the availability of information throughout the organization.