The technology does not stop, there are hundreds of applications that can facilitate and improve the conditions of your company.

Itco is a company in cutting edge technology that offers the possibility of developing customized software solutions in different programming languages.

We currently have software developers with extensive programming experience.

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We have developers

  • Juniors
  • Mid Seniors
  • Seniors


  • Years of experience: 0 to 2 years
  • They do not work independent projects
  • Follow the indicated procedures
  • Is under the supervision of a supervisor
  • Work with 1 or 2 programming languages

Mid Senior

  • Years of experience: 2 to 6 years
  • Does not require accompaniment
  • Develop small and medium projects
  • Develop work schemes
  • Work with 3 to 5 programming languages


  • Years of experience: 6 and up
  • He is in charge of a work team
  • Develop large projects
  • Elaborate independent projects
  • Work with multiple programming languages