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Fortinet Recognized as Single Leader in Westlands Advisory 2023 IT/OT Network Protection Platforms Navigator™

318% ROI Revealed in Forrester's TEI Study

Delivered with Fortinet NGFWs for Data Centers and FortiGuard’s AI-Powered Security Services Solution

Chosen Four Times by Gartner® Peer Insights™ Clients for Network Firewalls

Gartner Peer Insights™ Clients’ Choice for Network Firewalls for the fourth consecutive year.

Businesses today require a new approach to cybersecurity

Businesses today require a new approach to cybersecurity

Fortinet offers the most comprehensive solutions to help industries accelerate security, maximize productivity, preserve the user experience, and lower total cost of ownership.


Fortinet’s solution integrates OT security solutions with the best threat protection for corporate IT environments that extend from the data center to the cloud to the network perimeter.

K-12 school districts

Enable digital learning resources while ensuring physical and digital network security, and K-12 school districts are rapidly transforming their networks to implement eLearning.

Higher education

College campuses are centers of innovation in many areas, and IT is no exception. Advanced research and smart campus initiatives provide educational opportunities.


The pharmaceutical industry is made up of several sub-industries, all with different business models, technology requirements, and growing attack vectors.

Financial services

The financial services industry is a high-value target for cyberattacks and is highly regulated by jurisdictions around the world.

Health care

As healthcare technology becomes more advanced, mergers and acquisitions and growing partnerships between organizations further complicate the sprawling infrastructure.


Global OT systems around the world are bombarded with recycled IT based attacks and specially crafted OT exploits.


Hospitality organizations must also comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Unlike retail providers.


The best security solutions that not only scale to meet your unique challenges, but are also able to adapt quickly to these fast-growing organizations.


The growing importance of 5G and its underlying technology are also expanding the attack surface and making it an attractive target for a wide range of threat actors.

All industries

Fortinet is proud to serve hundreds of thousands of customers in all industries, around the world. From Secure SD-WAN to AI-powered security operations and secure remote work.


Today’s retail industry is a common target for cybercriminals, and many retailers have been in the news as victims of data breaches in the past.

Fortinet Technology Services

Next-Generation Firewall

Learn how Fortinet’s Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) products can provide high-performance, consolidated security.


Learn what Secure SD-WAN is and how it combines networking with security without compromise!

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Cloud-based security for work from anywhere and remote access enables secure internet access, secure private access.


FortiGuard IPS security services provide advanced, high-performance threat protection.

Secure Web Gateway

A secure web gateway protects against web attacks. Fortinet’s SWG solution is based on the latest intelligence and technology to support.

Secure Zero Trust Network

Find out how Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) works and provides better access control for your applications. Fortinet FortiOS 7.0.


AI-based sandboxing helps combat previously unknown threats such as ransomware, crypto-malware, and many other FortiSandboxes.

VPN Agent

FortiClient Fabric Agent integrates endpoints into the Security Fabric and provides endpoint telemetry, including user identity.

Wireless Lan (WLAN)

FortiAP wireless access points offer the most secure wireless offering in the industry by integrating with our next generation.

Email Security

Fortinet email security solutions provide protection for your critical business information. Learn how to send secure email.

Enterprise Management & Analytics

Network Security Management and Analytics provides simplified network orchestration for hybrid environments.

Web Application Security

The FortiWeb web application firewall provides advanced capabilities to defend web applications and APIs from known and zero-day threats.

Private Cloud & SDN

Fortinet Private Cloud Security is the best threat protection in a Virtual Next Generation Firewall (NGWF).

Cloud Access Security Broker

FortiCASB is the industry leading cloud access security broker solution designed to provide visibility and data security for SaaS.


FortiSlEM – Fortinet’s SIEM solution offers organizations advanced threat protection. Explore more about information security.

Private Cloud & SDN

FortiADC is an advanced Application Delivery Controller and Global Server Load Balancer (GSLB) that secures and optimizes applications.

Cloud Access Security Broker

DDoS attacks are constantly evolving. FortiDDoS offers an advanced DDoS protection solution for data centers.


Network Access Control (NAC) is a security solution that gives users better visibility of the Internet.

Fortinet Firewall Equipment

FortiGate NGFW is available in many different models to meet your needs, from entry-level hardware appliances to ultra-high-end appliances to meet the most demanding threat protection performance requirements. This ensures that the enterprise campus, central data center or internal segments, FortiGate is a perfect fit for your environment.

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