Servers and Infrastructure

ITCO is a company that is responsible for the implementation of equipment and servers according to your needs, we offer a high range of servers and we ensure a fast installation with a secure and long-term operation in your company

We provide some installation services such as the following:

Domain Servers

Domain servers Centralize the management of user accounts and end user permissions on workstations, in addition to provide a safe work environment against threats through predefined policies

File Servers

Servers of Microsoft and Samba files, file replication, quotas, homefolders, implementation of permissions on documents, security audit of documents.


Web filtering servers based on FreeBSD for filtering and blocking websites using Whitelist and Blacklist.

Terminal servers

If your company has branches and one of its problems is access to systems through remote locations, this method of work will facilitate the integration of your application through a professional solution that ensures the stability and smooth functioning of your work platform.

PBX servers

A PBX server is the implementation of a server with the PBX application that is a private telephone network, used within a company.

Firewall Server

Firewalls are the best way to protect your computers against malicious attacks. They act as sentinels, keeping a constant watch on their Internet connection and questioning whoever enters their team.

Technically, firewalls control all the traffic in and out of your computer. They verify all information or information packets that are being exchanged between the Internet and their team.

Application servers

The application servers facilitate access to different applications whether billing, CRM, or any other that is used to carry out daily tasks.

Database servers

It is used to store, retrieve and manage data in a database.
The server manages data updates, allows simultaneous access of many servers or web users, guarantees the security and integrity of the data. And when we talk about data, we can be talking about millions of elements that thousands of users access at the same time.