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VoIP is the telephony of a lifetime working through the Internet. If you have an Internet connection in your home or office, you can use the landline service over the Internet thanks to IP telephony.

ITCO provides you with the implementation of this technology, which covers the following services for your company:

• Voice Mail, Music On Hold, Automatic Answering Machine IVR, Contact Center, ACD Call Distributor, Virtual Fax, etc.
• Centralized administration allowing better control over the platform.
• Implementation of multiple services.
• IP-based communication tools reduce the cost of calls between different branches using existing dedicated lines.
• Take advantage of the technological infrastructure to save time and money.
• Lower cost of communications.

• Creation of conference rooms (Meet-Me).
• Increase collaboration and productivity.
• Enable a unified and unified communication network (voice, video, data).
• Cost savings in the maintenance and administration of different networks.
• Simplify multiple networks.
• An IP telephony system allows total collaboration among all company personnel, regardless of their physical location (tripartite conferences among employees).

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