Virtualization systems

Move or expand

local environments

from VMware to Azure

Move WMware-based workloads seamlessly from the data center to Azure and integrate the VMware environment with Azure. Continue to manage existing environments with the same VMware tools you already know, while modernizing applications with Azure native services. The VMware solutions in Azure are delivered by Microsoft, verified by VMware, to run on the Azure infrastructure.

Find out why Azure is the best cloud for your VMware workloads

global infrastructure

Get scalable, automated and fast provisioning of VMware workloads in the Azure global infrastructure.

Multiple work tools

Continue to use the existing VMware environments, skills and tools, including VMware vSphere, vSAN, vCenter and the tools of all other vendors.

Ordered Environments with azure

Modernize VMware workloads with the integration of Azure native services such as Azure Active Directory, AI and Analytics.

Azure and windows benefits

Benefit from the unprecedented Azure pricing and benefits for Windows Server and SQL Server.

VMware solution

in Azure from Simple Cloud

Provision VMware infrastructure in the cloud in minutes and modernize your applications at your own pace. Experience the integrated administration of Azure and VMware resources. Continue to use the same VMware tools you already know and operate VMware environments in Azure in the same way you run your existing infrastructure. Move or expand your local virtual machines to Azure without refactoring applications. Improve VMware applications with a dedicated, isolated and high-performance infrastructure and with Azure-exclusive products and services.

VMware solution

from Azure de Virtustream

The development of an additional Microsoft solution is being planned in collaboration with a verified VMware Cloud partner for a future release: VMware Solution in Virtureream Azure.

Continue to use VMware native technologies without redesigning your environment when moving or expanding your VMware workloads to Azure.

Get integrated administration of Azure and VMware resources and manage local and cloud applications in the same way.

Modernize existing applications and create others by accessing the great Azure products and services ecosystem.

Benefit from the unprecedented Azure pricing and benefits for Windows Server and SQL Server.

Get the most out

return on your investments

in VMware as you migrate to Azure

Get access to additional capacity upon request when you reach the limits of the data center or when you consolidate or remove existing data centers. Continue to manage your environment with the same VMware tools you already know: vCenter, vSphere Client, vMotion, vRealize Operations, PowerCLI or any other popular DevOps tool chain. Ensure operational continuity with Azure reimplementation of vSphere-based applications by avoiding application refactoring and hypervisor conversions. Add or remove the hosts from the software-defined data center (SDDC) with just one click.

Integrate your environment

VMware with Azure

without any problem

Easily migrate your VMware workloads to Azure and increase productivity with elasticity, scalability and fast provisioning cycles. View and create vSphere virtual machines in the Azure Portal using the CLI or API calls, automate deployments and enable single sign-on. Improve workloads with Azure’s wide range of process, monitoring, backup, IoT and AI services. Incorporate Azure DevOps tool chains into VMware environments and modernize your applications at your own pace.

Implement an infrastructure

in the isolated cloud
and dedicated in Azure

Rely on back-end infrastructure operations and the Azure operating platform to run VMware vSphere, vSAN and NSX-T platforms natively and at scale. Eliminate the complications of acquiring, deploying and managing the hardware infrastructure with the execution of workloads in a fully managed Azure, single-tenant, and complete reconstruction infrastructure. Choose from a variety of connectivity options, such as ExpressRoute and VPN services, and encrypt data at rest and in transit with protected connectivity, high speed and low latency.