You are currently viewing Microsoft wants to start over in the mobile sector, new hardware and new software.

Microsoft wants to start over in the mobile sector, new hardware and new software.

A possible restart by Microsoft in the mobile sector, an approach that makes sense and that would also have been confirmed by sources within the company itself.

We put you in situation. The giant of Redmond left badly stopped of his initial adventure in the mobile sector, since in spite of his efforts the strategy that adopted did not work and the situation ended up becoming unsustainable.

This forced the company to give a 180 degree turn that has ended up leaving in the hands of the partners the launching of new terminals. Microsoft continues to update and support Windows 10 Mobile but no longer launches new smartphones.

Many rumors pointed out that this situation was not going to be maintained indefinitely since in theory the giant of Redmond was working on a Surface Phone, but that information has never materialized and today the situation has not changed.

Well, those internal sources have “chivado” to Thurrot that Microsoft is preparing a new adventure in the smartphone sector, and that they plan to start from scratch at both hardware and software level.

These are major words, since in case of confirmation we would have new smartphones but also a new operating system, which could suppose sooner or later the end of Windows 10 Mobile.

It is clear that Microsoft is aware of the importance of the mobile sector for its success as a long-term company so we are convinced that they will try again. What we are not so clear is that they will be willing to give up Windows 10 Mobile completely.