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In every company there are equipment failures, server crashes and device breakdowns which can paralyze a company. But instead of using an on-site technician and spending travel time, IT experts prefer to use a remote support system to provide immediate assistance to their customers, wherever they are and at all times. Safely connect to remote computers, access files and applications to troubleshoot when your employees and customers need it most.

Remote Support consists of offering the client the possibility of attending to most of their technical incidents using the internet connection, using specific remote control software. Our technicians access your equipment or servers from our offices, and solve problems in a shorter period of time and at a lower cost compared to a face-to-face intervention.

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What are the advantages of remote support systems?

With digitization, assistance processes evolve and provide us with tools to provide virtual support

Application installation and application maintenance
Server review and maintenance
Database maintenance
Saving time and reducing expenses in travel, on-site maintenance service visits
Anticipate damage from moving equipment that is sent to repair shops
Improve resolution rates
Support can be anywhere in the world

Soporte remoto VPN remote support

support VIP

In Itco we have qualified technicians to develop secure VPN-type business networks, they also support and maintain them.

IP telephony

Our collaborators can help with everything related to IP telephony, configuration, installation and remote support.

remote support


We are experts in both physical and virtual servers in our team you can take control of any situation that arises

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